Dry Sheet Mask & Lifting Mist

Dry Sheet Mask & Lifting Mist

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Composed of refreshing a Lifting Mist and 10 sheets of a Dry Mask Pack, the CLE Lifting Set revitalizes dull skin, slows down signs of aging, and restores firmness and bounce to the skin; thanks to a trio of powerhouse collagen ingredients contained in each mask.


Dry Mask Pack (Includes 10 Sheets)

  • These uniquely restorative dry masks contain three different types of collagen that are activated through moisture from the Lifting Mist

Lifting Mist 

  • CLE's Lifting Mist acts as a multi-functional toner and hydrating step for any comprehensive skincare ritual. Formulated with one of nature’s most powerfully hydrating and skin-brightening ingredients, the Snow Mushroom (Tremella Fuciformis), Lifting Mist holds incredible water-retention properties that delivers deep moisture to the skin, instantly lifts and tightens, and gives your complexion a healthy, plump appearance.

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