• Gel Polish Instructional Video
  • Gel Polish Instructional Video

Gel Polish Instructional Video

This Video will help give you the perfect at home spa experience!


If you already have everything you need for a seamless at-home gel manicure or pedicure and are just missing the 'how to' we can help! 

This video can be purchased alone or with our Gel Polish Kit.

Many of us restrain from doing an at-home manicure because we are afraid of not doing the perfect job. We are laying it all out for you so you can achieve a salon quality manicure in a stress-free way! 

Being able to take care of your fingernails an at-home is one thing, but doing a pedicure is a completely different situation.  Especially if you don’t have professional set up that you are normally used to.  But you’d be surprised at how much you can achieve with just the tools you already have at-home. A simple plastic tub can do the trick.

Even though not the easiest task, there is something rewarding about giving yourself a gel manicure or pedicure . You’re keeping in touch with yourself and your own self-care needs by taking care of your appearance while also making sure that you’re internally grounded. An at-home pedicure is the ideal way to take your mind off things and to dedicate a moment for yourself.